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so i have a couple of video games for sale simply attempting sale had for a very long time.

fable 2 & 3 5$ each.
hp and the deathly hollows pt1. pt2. 5$ each.
rage 10$.
resident wicked 5 is the shined out one however its 10$.
borderlands 5$.
bakugan 5$.
hp half blood prince 5$.
spiderwick chronicles 5$.
ddr 2 ultramix $1.
baulders gate 2 da 5$.
fable 1$.
diablo 3 30$.
homeowner evil 6 20$.
batman arkam city 20$.
dj hero pad 5$.
everything works the orginal xbox video games a little scratched but still play.
call, txt or e-mail for "castro" with offer.

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